Tina Wilhelm

Tina Wilhelm grew up in Basel, where she started playing trumpet at the age of eight. Several trumpet teachers and a number of performances with different bands followed.

At the university of Music in Basel she acquired degrees in musical studies as an orchestra trumpetist with Mario Populin and orchestra direction with Felix Hauswirth.

Her main instrument remains the trumpet as well as cornet and bugle. This doesn 't stop her having a soft spot for trombone, flute, piccolo, overtone or harmonic singing and alphorn.

She teaches trumpet and alphorn and from time to time gives also conducting lessons.

Music led Tina Wilhelm in many countries working as a conductor or instrumentalist. As such  she visited Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, Russian and Japan.

Monika Zuber

At the age of ten, Monika Zuber choses the Tenorhorn as her instrument.

This decision gained quickly more and more significance in her life.

As a logical consequence Monika Zuber started to study music at the University of Arts in Berne with Guy Michel.


After obtaining the Swiss Matura, she continued her studies with Thomas RĂ¼edi and finished 2007 with a master`s degree in music pedagogy, majoring Tenorhorn.

From 2007-2010 Monika Zuber expanded her education into the field of musical physiology at the Zurich University of arts.

Besides playing as member of the Alphorn Duo timorosso and the Altophonium QUARTETT, Monika Zuber works as a music teacher as well as conductor.